Virtual photography sessions with fröken G boudoir


A new reality with new challenges. The current COVID-19 pandemic and its social restrictions made life hard in so many ways – and also forced us to look for a new kind of creative outlet.

Can’t or don’t want to book a regular photo session with me? Book a virtual photography CAM-QUEEN session instead!

What are cam-queen sessions?

Cam-queen sessions are virtual photography sessions – instead of in person we meet virtually (in a video meeting). You’ll receive guidance and a fun boost of self-love and self-confidence as usual, but a completely different kind of images.

Video-screenshots are of course nowhere near in quality to my usual professional, high quality pictures and capture a completely different mood. They’re playful, artsy and remind you of old polaroid shots. They can be blurry and grainy, and aren’t really fit to be printed on fine art paper or in luxury photo art books – but they will make you feel amazing and beautiful and sexy nonetheless, and provide a nice break from worrying about the state of the world.

It’s about the playful experience. We focus on your experience during these sessions, giving you a boost of inspiration and self-love without having to leave your home or meet with me in person. It’ll be a reminder of joyful beams of light in a dark time.

What do you need?

  • A place to shoot – your home will do just fine, promise! I don’t need much to create magic normally, and even less now. We’ll need a window or other light source, some kind of furniture (bed, couch, chair whatever), and/or a wall. A garden could work too. And no, you don’t need a perfect or super clean home.
  • Some kind of camera-thingy that will work for video meetings and is able to connect to the Internet – a smart phone works best, but an iPad or laptop will do too. The quality of the pictures depends on how good your camera and your Internet connection is!
  • Something to hold the camera-thingy – a chair, a tripod, a shelf or mug or partner. Something to steadily hold the camera-thingy during the shoot.
  • Your gorgeous self! No you, no magic.

How does it work exactly?

We do a video meeting via Zoom or Skype. You’ll give me a short tour of your place so I can find a good spot for photos, and we start shooting! You’ll get guidance and cheers.

The whole session will be about 20-30 minutes long, and you will receive at least 10 digital images to use as you wish (non-commercially). You’ll be able to download the images as soon as they’re done (within a week).

You may request certain things for how I edit your images (e.g. all black-and-white, or use of colourful filters), and I will do my best with the images we have. They will likely have a nice vintage flair about them since that matches the image quality and resolution.

The images you see on this page are a pretty good indication of how yours may look.

Who can be a cam-queen?

Anyone who likes the retro/grainy style of photography (as seen on this page), anyone who doesn’t mind that you can’t get high quality prints or products with this type of images, and anyone who likes to play in front of a camera.

This type of session could also be a fit for you if you’d like to try boudoir from the comfort of your own home, or if you’ve been wanting to shoot with me but couldn’t because of where you live.

Your gender or physical appearance does NOT matter, and neither the appearance of your home.

a note on expectations

I would like to stress that a virtual photography session is not the same as a ”real” photography session, and won’t give the same results. It’s a challenge in many ways – I cannot control the light, angles, camera settings or picture quality, or guide your poses as well. I can’t offer you my luxury photo products to keep your images in either, though it is possible to print them. It is important that you understand that so you don’t get disappointed.

These sessions are super fun though for both me and you, and give you a boost of creativity, self-care and playfulness!

You are beautiful, you are magical, you are enough – now as much as ever.

Who’s fröken G?

Hi, I’m Gesche! ♥

I’m your photographer! I’m a crazy cat lady, tattooed, queer and colourful 33 year-old. My wife Johanna and our two cats mean the world to me and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see them pop up in my stories from time to time.

I take pictures to make the world a more beautiful place, and I’m specialized in boudoir and self-love because I love to help folx with self-love and empowerment. When I learned to love and accept myself after years of eating disorders and self-hatred, I became SO much happier, and I’d like that for you as well. Boudoir can help you with body acceptance, and feeling that your body is fine the way it is right now. All bodies are good bodies, and all bodies are beautiful in their own way.

At the moment:

I stay home as much as possible right now to do my part in stopping the spreading of the virus.

I cope with anxiety by 1. cuddling with the cats and Johanna, 2. practicing mindfulness and recovery, and 3. eating all the candy.

Favourite places at the moment: My bed, couch and balcony! (Our cats LOVE to have us home btw)


How long will these sessions be available?

These sessions are thought to be a temporary substitute to my regular boudoir empowerment sessions. They will be available for as long as I feel like doing them.

As with all my sessions, I can offer them in a small scale only, so if you want to be sure to get a spot you might want to book sooner rather than later!

What should I wear?

Whatever you want, as long as it somehow fits with the environment we use for the session, and makes you feel gorgeous/awesome. Contrasting colours/fits are good because they’ll show up more clearly, e.g. dark strappy things against light skin, or light colours against a dark wall etc. It does not matter to me if you dress to be sexy, comfortable or beautiful, it’s your session and you decide! Nude works too!

It is not necessary to put lots of attention to your hair or makeup, many details will not show. Keep in mind that we have time for ONE look/outfit. If you’d like to try different outfits and locations, you may book several sessions!

How do I pay?

The whole amount is to be paid up front when you book your session, and is non-refundable. You pay when you book the session, by Swish (Sweden only) or PayPal.

How should I pose?

You don’t need lots of modeling experience, but you should be comfortable in front of the camera and have fun with it! I will do my best to guide you with poses and angles etc from my side of the camera, in a way that fits your body and environment.

I welcome your own initiative in posing yourself as well!

What happens with the images?

You decide what happens with your images – If you’re okay with it I may want to share some, but it’s totally up to you and I will never share images without your permission.

As always I will not edit your body in any way. You may leave a request for the editing (e.g. all black and white, use of colored filters etc), but I will do what I decide fits the images best. The style you see on this page is a pretty good indication of what your pictures might look like.

If you want to crop the images afterwards, feel free.

Can I order prints/books?

The images are first and foremost digitals. The images you receive are low resolution and grainy, which doesn’t translate well into print. It IS possible to print them, but the result depends a lot on the picture. You may decide yourself what to do with them, I cannot be held responsible for the outcome and will not reimburse you for products or prints you ordered and are unhappy with.

If you want to print your images, I recommend a consumer lab that prints on photo paper and keep the prints small. I’ve had best results with prints up to 20x30cm or 8″x11″ at most. In my Instagram story highlights you’ll find a video on printing quality!

Will you record the video session?

Nothing will be recorded, the only thing saved from our video session is the screenshots I take. After that the process is the same as with my other sessions – the best pictures will be edited, all others will be deleted.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

(Oscar Wilde)

How much is it?

This is included:

professional contact and guidance before your session

virtual photography session 20-30 minutes by video meeting

1 outfit/look and location (with variation)

10+ digital images for personal use (download and in mobile app)

a boost of self-confidence and self-love!


2 000 SEK

(197 EUR / 230 USD)

Do you want to book a ”real” shoot with me for when things calmed down? Read more here or contact me!

Excited? Book your session today!

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Sending the form is not binding in any way, your booking will only be completed after payment. The contact/personal information you send will only be used for the purpose of planning and completing a photography session with you, and will not be sold or given to any third parties. You may request to have all your information deleted at any time.

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